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Latest Updates
Our telephone number is 936.295.0402 for account questions or you can email questions to

Many forms are available online and can be mailed to P O Box 1798, Huntsville TX 77340 or submitted to

If you must bring something to the appraisal district, you may visit the office in person or use the two drop-boxes. One is a vertical pass-thru built into the window to the left of the front doors. The second is located on the right side of the CAD building and is a drive-thru drop box. You may deposit any correspondence or payments (NO CASH) in either drop box.

Updated Property Tax Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why did my market value change?
A. Home values constantly change and are reviewed annually by WCAD appraisers. Sales prices in an area can go up or down due to various changes in the market and sales of similar nearby properties.

Q. How can I get my homestead exemption application, 1-d-1 application or BPP Rendition to WCAD?
A. You may submit a paper application via USPS mail (or other general delivery), via an email attachment, or by utilizing either of the WCAD drop boxes.

Q. How will I know my exemption application or request for 1-d-1 valuation has been accepted?
A. The easiest way is to check your account online using either your name, property address or property ID number. The exemption will be listed on the left side of the Real Property Record under Exemption Type. If you have applied for 1-d-1 (Ag, Timber or Wildlife) valuation the value will be reflected on the right side of the real property record under Property Values, AG or Timber Use Value.

Q. Do I have to submit my exemption application by April 30?
A. You can submit your exemption application throughout the year, and it will still be processed. The reason we encourage you to do it as early as possible is so it will be factored into this year’s tax bill.